A Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing

Atri Bhattacharyya Awarded IBM Ph.D. Fellowship

Atri joined EPFL in 2016 and completed his MS in Computer Science in 2018. Since then, he has worked at EPFL in the areas of microarchitectural security and design, and datacenter architectures. Through his years at EPFL, Atri has worked under the supervision of Prof. Babak Falsafi, Prof. Paolo Ienne, and Prof. M. Payer, completing many projects along the way.

Picture of Lana Josipović, Shabnam Sheikhha, Andrea Guerrieri, Paolo Ienne

EPFL Researchers Win Best Paper Award at FPGA’20

Lana Josipović, Shabnam Sheikhha, Andrea Guerrieri, Paolo Ienne (all from EPFL, Processor Architecture Lab), and Jordi Cortadella (from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain) are winners of the Best Paper Award at the 28th ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA ’20), which concluded on February 25 at Seaside, California.

Facebook Fellowship for EPFL Students

The Facebook Fellowship Program, initiated in 2013 and awarded in 21 different categories, encourages and supports doctoral students who are engaged in innovative research on computer science, engineering, and allied domains. The winners for 2020 have been announced, and they include the first-ever awardees from EPFL. Panagiotis Sioulas and Merlin Nimier-David, both PhD students at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences, are winners in the categories of Structured Data Stores and Computer Graphics respectively.

James Larus Charts the Future

Computer Science at EPFL: James Larus Charts the Future

Computer Science is taking rapid strides in realigning itself to advancing technologies. It is beginning to emerge from the cocoon of traditional research to address new challenges posed by avant-garde technologies. In an article published in EPFL Magazine in December 2019, School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC) Dean James Larus recorded his candid observations on the current status of the discipline at EPFL and the way forward.


Analytics & Applications

We are investigating new stochastic theories and analytics including statistical learning techniques, machine training and inference systems and their applications to IoT, social media and big data platforms.

Cloud Data Management

We are investigating technologies to maximize efficiency with in-memory data services, in-situ query processing on streamed data, and on-demand query engine customization using multi-objective compiler optimization.

Sustainable Data Centers

We are investigating a three-pronged approach to holistic data platforms and datacenter efficiency: vertical integration to minimize data-movement; specialization to optimize work per service; and approximation to tailor work for output quality.

Trustworthy Platforms & Systems

We are investigating technologies spanning from decentralized trust and cryptography to robustness and resiliency of natural processes to strengthen security, privacy and trust in data platforms and systems.


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