A Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing

The project’s goal is to enable the Swiss public to trust and use cloud storage infrastructure through the design and development of innovative technology that addresses the most crucial shortcomings of the current state-of-the-art.

Cloud computing is our new world, in which everything is a service, and users subscribe to it without knowing where is the disk that holds their data or where is the processor that performs the computation. Although most people use cloud services, many are still reluctant to entrust the cloud with their most private data. The reasons are slow and unpredictable cloud storage, limited privacy or security, and questionable cloud properties. The team aspires to remedy the very roots of the aforementioned problems by developing innovative technology which improves performance and predictability, as well as security and verifiability of the cloud services.

The proposal’s PI is Anastasia Ailamaki (EPFL). CoPIs are George Candea  (EPFL), Arjen Lenstra (EPFL), Fernando Pedone (Lugano), Pascal Felber (Neuchatel), and Srdjan Capkun (ETH).