A Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing

Also of EPFL’s Embedded Systems Laboratory, Prof. Atienza was interviewed last week by RTS about his joint laboratory and EcoCloud-related research, which has resulting in a 50% reduction of energy consumption in Credit Suisse datacenters. In the interview, Prof. Atienza was also asked more generally about cloud computing energy consumption optimization research and progress.

In addition, he was asked to comment about the idea of “micro-clouds”,  which is currently discussed to create localized hubs of cloud computing networks for specific restrictions of access to information.

Prof. Atienza indicated that this idea is very similar to the well-known concept of “private clouds”, which evidently make sense in specific contexts and that are a specific way to provide access. However, EcoCloud treats the problem of scalable and secured access to data in a more general way.

Take a listen here and here.