A Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing

The Tech Tour Cloud & Big Data Summit, held at both the Lausanne Palace Hotel and EPFL Rolex Learning Center over 21-22 November 2012, has been a major showcase for the expertise of EcoCloud.

Prof. Babak Falsafi, Director, EcoCloud, was a member on Tuesday’s Panel “Cloud Computing: The Ups and Downs.” Additional speakers included: Rajas Gokhale, Capgemini, Tim Harper, Cientifica and Matthias Haendly, SAP. Prof. Falsafi also officially opened the Summit’s proceedings on Wednesday.

Also that day, EcoCloud Executive Committee member Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki presented her research in a talk entitled “Dias, Scientific Discovery through Raw Data Exploration” and EcoCloud Scientist, EPFL & VMWare Co-Founder Dr. Edouard Bugnion gave the event’s Keynote Speech.

Behind the scenes, EcoCloud’s Deputy Director, Dr. Anne Wiggins contributed on the Summit’s Selection Committee.

More information about the Tech Tour Cloud & Big Data Summit can be located here: http://www.techtour.com/Cloud-BigData-Summit-2012/Overview.htm