A Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing

This year’s program includes a keynote entitled “Big Data is (at least) Four Different Problems” by the database visionary Mike Stonebraker of MIT, followed by presentations from EcoCloud researchers, a poster session, and an industrial perspectives session form a group of experts among EcoCloud’s industrial affiliates and partners.

The event brings together researchers and technologists from academia and industry interested in monetizing Big Data at maximum efficiency and minimal cost. EcoCloud’s research highlights this year include technologies for massive analytics and graph processing, real-time and performance-stable cloud services, scalable parallel software, and data-centric server chips and infrastructure.

The industrial session includes talks by experts from EcoCloud’s partners and affiliates including major IT vendors. Anne Holler from VMware and Paolo Faraboschi from HP Labs will each present their respective vision on Software-Defined Datacenters. Eric Chung from Microsoft Research will present hardware specialization for Big Data services. Peter Dickman of Google will present emerging efficiency challenges in Warehouse-Scale Computing.

The event is also a great opportunity for EcoCloud to showcase its Industrial Affiliates Program, promoting research collaborations with industry to help pave the way for impending technological challenges as well as problems on the horizon and outside industry’s immediate concerns. “We target solutions towards a long-term vision for efficient and scalable data-centric IT that are also of value and interest to industrial partners in the short- and medium-term,” says Babak Falsafi, EcoCloud’s Director and Professor in the School of Computer and Communication Sciences.

EcoCloud’s targeted research enables laboratories to work together towards a common goal, thereby propelling collaboration and the potential for trans-disciplinary innovation. In so doing, it echoes and reinforces the core ethos of EPFL itself.

Please see our event’s website for more info.