A Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing

JustCloudIt is a software platform that assists cloud customers to deploy, monitor and manage their cloud applications. Easy to use, and thereby significantly reducing the required capital investments in cloud management capabilities, JustCloudIt automates many of the tasks in the deployment process, as well as facilitating cloud management by dynamically scaling virtual resources according to the business demands, and transparently ensures consistent performance levels despite the unpredictable and complex nature of cloud infrastructures.

Cloud computing is rapidly increasing in both popularity and importance. Data centers are expanding at an exponential rate. However, increasingly complex cloud deployments also impose an additional IT burden on today’s businesses, as they require ever greater resources to evaluate numerous cloud configurations and select preferred solutions, especially under highly dynamic business situations. In fact, many IT decision-makers and influencers reveal that a major obstacle to even wider cloud adoption is performance degradation, caused by poorly configured cloud resources. Cloud management is becoming an essential building block for most ventures whose cloud deployment is mission-critical, as it allows them to efficiently use the cloud’s resources.

JustCloudIt is the only platform that offers its customers consistent performance levels for their cloud operations. The framework does not require any pre-application customization.