Latest News

Meet the Walkers

EPFL receives the Best Paper Runner-Up Award at MICRO-46.

School on Data-Centric Systems

The CUSO Winter School on Data-Centric Systems in collaboration with EcoCloud will cover series of lectures from internationally-recognized experts.

EcoCloud’s Second Year

EcoCloud will host its second annual event on May 31st in Lausanne showcasing another year of pioneering interdisciplinary research on sustainable cloud computing.

Optimizing Datacenter TCO

Computing Now, the online portal highlighting IEEE Computer Society’s top articles features Boris Grot’s recent results on Optimizing Datacenter TCO with Scale-Out Processors.

White Paper on Cloud Computing in Switzerland

EcoCloud’s Director, Prof. Babak Falsafi and Deputy Director, Dr. Anne Wiggins, collaborated on The Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences’ topical platform “ICT – Computing in science and technology” to write a white paper about “Cloud Computing in Switzerland”.

RTS Interviews EcoCloud’s David Atienza

Also of EPFL’s Embedded Systems Laboratory, Prof. Atienza was interviewed last week by RTS about his joint laboratory and EcoCloud-related research, which has resulting in a 50% reduction of energy consumption in Credit Suisse datacenters.

Outstanding New Faculty Award

The Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Design Automation has awarded its Outstanding New Faculty Award to EcoCloud’s David Atienza. This marks the first time that the award has been won outside the USA.

DBToaster Breaks up Data Jams in Server Farms

In gigantic server farms around the world, billions of database entries are queried every second. EcoCloud researchers have developed a system that drastically improves the circulation of this flow of information.

CloudSuite 1.0 Released

CloudSuite, the first benchmark suite for emerging scale-out applications, is released

Clearing the Clouds

Clearing the Clouds, a study that sheds light on (in)efficiencies in modern server processors and memory systems when running emerging scale-out workloads, appears at ASPLOS 2012.

Oracle Research Award

David Atienza is the recipient of an Oracle Outstanding Research Award in 2011 for contributions to stable global thermal-aware control for entreprise servers.

Thrustworthy Cloud Storage

A team of six Swiss university laboratories, led by EcoCloud member Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki, received an award of CHF 1.5million for a project entitled “Trustworthy Cloud Storage”.

Toward Dark Silicon

In a recent paper in IEEE Micro special issue on Big Chips, July 2011, EcoCloud researchers project that server chips will not scale beyond a few tens to low hundreds of cores, and an increasing fraction of the chip in future technologies will be dark silicon that one cannot afford to power.