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DBToaster Breaks up Data Jams in Server Farms

In gigantic server farms around the world, billions of database entries are queried every second. EcoCloud researchers have developed a system that drastically improves the circulation of this flow of information.

CloudSuite 1.0 Released

CloudSuite, the first benchmark suite for emerging scale-out applications, is released

Clearing the Clouds

Clearing the Clouds, a study that sheds light on (in)efficiencies in modern server processors and memory systems when running emerging scale-out workloads, appears at ASPLOS 2012.

Oracle Research Award

David Atienza is the recipient of an Oracle Outstanding Research Award in 2011 for contributions to stable global thermal-aware control for entreprise servers.

Thrustworthy Cloud Storage

A team of six Swiss university laboratories, led by EcoCloud member Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki, received an award of CHF 1.5million for a project entitled “Trustworthy Cloud Storage”.

Toward Dark Silicon

In a recent paper in IEEE Micro special issue on Big Chips, July 2011, EcoCloud researchers project that server chips will not scale beyond a few tens to low hundreds of cores, and an increasing fraction of the chip in future technologies will be dark silicon that one cannot afford to power.