A Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing


Welcome to EcoCloud. Our mission is to provide world-class leadership for, and to drive innovation in, sustainable cloud computing technologies. In so doing, we aim to address the major national and global IT challenges that affect us all. We  aim to deliver the innovation and timely outputs that are crucial to ICT sector companies. Indeed, our success synergistically builds on strong support for, and a growing appreciation by, private industry.

With our strong emphasis on industry collaboration and technology transfer, we have periodic activities centered around the promotion and commercialization of research among the consortium, and an Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) that aims to build long-term partnerships founded on research collaborations, PhD programs, University-Industry partnered research grants, internships, visiting scholar programs, fellowships, executive education and more.

Our immediate focus is on expanding our research collaboration relationships. Please get in touch if your company is interested in exploring research opportunities with EcoCloud.

Prof. Babak Falsafi

Director, EcoCloud