A Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing

Sustainable Data Centers

We are investigating a three-pronged approach to holistic data platforms and datacenter efficiency: vertical integration to minimize data-movement; specialization to optimize work per service; and approximation to tailor work for output quality.


A thermal simulator which can perform transient thermal analyses of vertically stacked 3D integrated circuits with inter-tier Microchannel Liquid Cooling.
The first benchmark suite for emerging scale-out applications
next-gen computing systems inspired by the human brain Compusapien
Next-gen computing systems inspired by the human brain.
. In software programming, this is done by means of a piece of code, and/or by various types of inputs. In this process, it is crucial for us to track the impact of those codes and inputs, otherwise known as “effect checking.” Effect Checking
Tracking the impact of codes and inputs in software programming.
image: Project Lightweight Modular Staging LMS
Program generation and embedded compilers in Scala
Exploring Manycore Architectures for Next-Generation HPC Systems
image: computer chips Memory-centric Server Architecture
Novel solutions for datacenters to be in sync with the information flow
image: memory module NeMeSys
Exploring new implementations of functionality and services based on NMP
A scalable storage manager designed for the many-core era
Designs for dark silicon: Vertically Integrated Server Architectures