A Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing

Trustworthy Platforms & Systems

We are investigating technologies spanning from decentralized trust and cryptography to robustness and resiliency of natural processes to strengthen security, privacy and trust in data platforms and systems.


Cloud Spaces
Open service platform for the next generation of personal clouds
Enabling Predictable Datacenters Enabling Predictable Datacenters
What is the way forward to mitigate key contributors to performance unpredictability like network and storage?
Enhancing Security of FPGAs in the Cloud
Enhancing awareness about the security risks facing FPGAs, considering the role of FPGAs in cloud computing.
image: Project ESD ESD
Execution synthesis with no runtime overhead or program modifications
Multi-core Schedulers Multi-core Schedulers
Designing a scheduler that can be work-conserving and applicable in the real world.
The MultiSan project aims to improve software security testing.
The future of privacy using conversational bots.
A privacy enhancing app store.
Revisiting Causal Consistency
The project will investigate Transactional Causal Consistency, which extends causal consistency.
Robustness of Biological Algorithms
A novel model for neural networks based on robustness techniques drawn from nature.
Analyzing the properties and behavior of large software systems
Trustworthy Cloud Storage — security, privacy and performance
Transactional computing takes a big step forward Transactional Computing
Leveraging SQL for complex transactions on modern hardware platforms.
image: VigNAT VigNAT
Accelerating the development of a library of verified NF data structures